New $500 Stimulus Check For Massachusetts Residents

stimulus check

In three days, applications will be accepted for a new guaranteed income program in Massachusetts that will pay chosen participants $500 per month.

The Rise Up Cambridge program’s application period will begin on June 1 and end on July 31. Applications are accepted continuously. After the federal stimulus funding was stopped in 2022, 21 states developed policies to lower inflation and offer different types of assistance to individuals. Despite the recession and the high rate of inflation, the state and federal governments haven’t made many recent declarations. 

There Is A New Stimulus Check Initiative  

Rise Up is one of these local administrative organizations, the city of Cambridge has declared Cambridge’s debut. Direct money transfers are a component of this approach. 

This Stimulus Check helps families get out of poverty and economic disparity. The $22 million project will provide qualifying families that apply for aid with direct financial assistance utilizing funds from the American Rescue Plan Act of the federal government. 

For a total of 18 months, these families are qualified to receive a $500 stimulus check. 

Sumbul Siddiqui, the mayor of Cambridge, said during a news conference that families languishing below the poverty line just lacked the resources to achieve stability because not all facets of society had profited from the city’s economic success. 

Giving individuals the choice to select and decide what they need is a big act of respect, according to City Manager Huang. According to Huang, several of the created services are currently greatly bettering people’s lives. But the stimulus payments are the primary cause of this significant boost in regular income.  

Democratic Representative Ayanna S. Pressley of Massachusetts said that the launch of the project by the various city governments was a remarkable occasion. 

According to Tina Alu, the combined stimulus check payments will be used to fund outreach programs throughout the city that will be conducted in seven different languages.