New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dataminer Uncovers Exciting Potential Future Additions

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ new version 1.4.0 has only been available for a few hours, but it has gotten its fans into a tizzy. Many well-known data miners have already started to dig through the game files to uncover fresh, juicy details.

Ninji, a popular data miner has found several new and exciting references in the game files which provides hints about the upcoming additions to the game

Some of the references within the updated game’s files are vegetables and crops, such as sugar cane, carrot, potato, wheat, squash, and tomato. They have also hidden some references to sewing and cooking items. This suggests that some sort of cooking and sewing abilities will open up to players in its future updates. 

Ninji had previously revealed additions in the New Horizon games like the art gallery before it had even been released officially by the video game company.

These discoveries have however not stopped Nintendo from releasing the new game files. Until the company officially takes the step to announce the new features of cooking as well as vegetable growing, it’s better to keep our excitement in check.

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