New Jersey’s Governor Elections Too Close To Call

New Jersey
New Jersey

The election for New Jersey’s governor still remains in a deadlock come Wednesday morning, as the two opponents have been locked in a tight race. Phil Murphy, the Democratic incumbent, has locked horns with Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican challenger.

Latest reports projected that 97% of the precincts were calling for Ciattarelli before Murphy- with the margin being less than 1%- 49.65% to 49.6% as reported by The Associated Press. Both of the candidates have already gone on to address their supporters the previous night- with neither of them conceding. Both of them stated that they were hopeful of winning.

New Jersey Elections Getting Too Close For Comfort 

When Phil Murphy’s New Jersey headquarters at Asbury Park started dwindling around midnight, the camp of Ciattarelli right down at Bridgewater simply started getting more boisterous. A large crowd cheered on the nominee from the Republican party- with several results declaring that he was surpassing Phil Murphy in votes. Ciattarelli stated that this was what made this state so special- it knew how to get back to the track after a dismal showing. 

Interestingly, Phil Murphy was leading the New Jersey polls- courtesy of there being around a million more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state. But in the last couple of weeks, the Republican candidate was doing a fine job closing in on the lead of the incumbent. Nevertheless, Murphy still remains optimistic- hours after Election day drew to a close. 

The Democratic candidate from New Jersey stated that they were leading through empathy and compassion- not anger and despair. They were also following through stringent facts, not just floating around through the political winds. Although members might not always agree to what was being discussed, they would solve it with panache- that was intrinsic to the politics of the state.