New state requirement: no mask, no entry

New state requirement
New state requirement

The Government of Pennsylvania has come up with new directives for all the life-sustaining businesses of the state. Gov. Tom Wolf, along with the Health Secretary, announced certain measures which are to be brought into effect this Sunday, 8 p.m. onwards.

The directives basically want every customer visiting any kind of business to wear a mask and maintain a 6 ft distance. It also sets the occupancy limit for every store to be 50% less than what the usual guidelines permit. The other points to be followed are:

  • Shielded barriers at the checkout zone;
  • Stores with multiple lines for checkout to maintain rotational registers, to be used and cleaned alternatively;
  • Dedicated employee for cleaning the baskets and carts for the next customer;
  • And most importantly, customers without a mask to be sent back.

Gov. Wolf assured that “This will help us keep essential businesses open and operational and it’s the right thing to do for people who have done so much for us”.

The Health secretary will give further updates on the matter this Thursday at 2 p.m. on and WNEP-TV.


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