New ‘wall’ of military veterans protects Portland protesters

After moms protected the BLM protestors, war vets have now joined the protest too. Pictures from Friday’s protests in Portland shows a sea of vets surrounding and protecting the Black Lives Matter protestors. 

Many of them stood tall with various protest signs. One of the states that disabled veterans supported the movement for racial equality and justice. 

Another protest sign read, “I am an American patriot. Federal troops defend property, but this does not give them the right to take away my constitutional freedom.”

The Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum following the murder of George Floyd in May. Several other cases of racial violence and police brutality against African Americans have been highlighted since then. 

On July 4, federal agents were deployed in Portland. Since then, cases of teargas and violence on protestors have seen a rise. 

Late Friday, some protestors launched some fireworks towards the courthouse. In retaliation, the federal agents released tear gas. 

In another protest, Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland was also tear-gassed by the federal agents. 

Wheeler criticized the agents deployed from the White House. Trump, in response, praised the federal forces. 

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