Black armed protesters march in Kentucky demanding justice for Breonna Taylor

On Saturday, several armed Black men and women were seen marching on the roads of Louisville asking justice for Breonna Taylor. Taylor died last March after police officers burst into her home. 

The protestors were seen carrying shotguns and semi-automatic rifles. They were also wearing paramilitary outfits. Police forces separated them from another group of heavily armed counter-protesters. 

The militia, NFAC, demanded fair trial and justice for the slain woman. Taylor was a medical professional. 

None of the police officers involved in the crime were charged. However, one officer was stripped of his uniform and another two were reassigned. 

“If you don’t tell us nothing we going to think you ain’t doing nothing,” says John Johnson, NFAC leader. He urged higher authorities to investigate her death further and bring Taylor justice. 

Breonna Taylor is just one amongst many names that are at the forefront of the BLM movement. The movement gained major social and political traction after George Floyd died during an arrest last May. 

Racial profiling and police brutality are being highlighted during this political upheaval in the U.S. 

The group’s first rally was at Stone Mountain Park, where they demanded a confederate statue’s removal. 

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