New World Fans Unhappy With The Delay

New World
New World

New World is a much-anticipated game from Amazon. It is an open-world game that can be operated on an MMO PC. The game is a high graphics game that provides great gameplay. The characters are lifelike and give the consumer an immersive experience. 

The build-up to the game has already touched the roof. Fans estimated the game to be released soon. However, they were a bit disheartened with what had followed. The developers did not want the game to receive any negative criticisms. Thus, they decided to postpone the release further. This made some of the fans unhappy. Let us have more insights about the game below. 

New World Due For Delay

Amazon does not want their game to be bad. They are trying to cover every basics before the game is out for the public. The developers are working tirelessly to fix all possible bugs and shortcomings of the game. The game is estimated to be delayed by about a month or so. However, twitch drops are made available for the fans. This was done to celebrate the launch of the game’s title. 

The drop will permit the gamers to opt for Vinespun Skins(weapons). To avail the skins, the gamers need to tune in to the streaming of the game. The available drops are unique. You can only get these by streaming into the videos of sixty-six creators. These creators participated in the New World battle. 

In order to obtain these New World skins, you need to create an account on Twitch. The Twitch will enable a sign that would indicate the drops. Once you notice them, you need to set your account to enable drops. After logging into your account, an authorization process will be initiated. Once it is completed, you can then enjoy your experience with Twitch.