Licorice Pizza Drops Its Initial Trailer

Licorice Pizza
Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza trailer is here! The production of the show decided to drop the very first trailer of the show. The trailer of the film revealed the son of Philip Seymour Hoffman. He is expected to play a lead character in the film. Philip always had a great relationship with Paul Thomas Anderson. The actor worked with Anderson for almost sixteen years. 

During this period, the duo produced some memorable hits. Hard Eight(1992) & The Master(2012) were some of the notable hits of the pair. However, it seems as if Philip’s son has decided to carry forward the legacy. Cooper Hoffman has signed up for Anderson’s upcoming movie Licorice Pizza. Let us learn more about the film below. 

Licorice Pizza Trailer Reveals The Cast

The film is directed and written by Anderson. The setting of the film will feel familiar to the fans of Boogie Nights. That is because the setting has been kept unaltered in the film. The Boogie Nights was a movie about the industry of pornography in Los Angeles. This movie was the catalyst to the success of Anderson & Hoffman as a pair. Licorice Pizza focuses on moviemaking. However, it skips the pornographic field of activities this time. 

The movie centers around the plot of a classic teenage love story. The main characters of the film are Gary Valentine & Alana Kane. The characters are revealed to be portrayed by Cooper Hoffman & Haim respectively. A bunch of other casts is also shown in the first look of the movie. Maya Rudolph, Tom Waits also grace the movie with their presence. Renowned actors like Bradley Cooper & Sean Penn also feature in the lineup. 

Licorice Pizza is expected to be a great hit. Movie lovers are waiting eagerly for the film to hit the theater. Fans are very much pleased with the trailer and have raised Cooper and Anderson for the transition.