Google Looks To Pack In More Color


Google has planned something colorful for its users. The search engine is looking to incorporate more colors into the Gmail workspace. Illustrations are a great way of attracting people. Colorful images, bright illustrations have always produced a feel-good factor. Google is working towards making its interface more attractive to work with. 

The present world is devastated by the pandemic. People and industries have been forced to work online. In order to ensure the work does not become monotonous, more colors would be added to Gmail. The company has come up with an array of illustrations to choose from. Let us dive in to know more about the initiative. 

Google Announces A Colorful Experience

The Monday announcements made by the company will surely cheer us up. The company has launched several colorful preloaded images. These images can be used as profile pictures. The images are expected to give a colorful look and a fresh feel to the profiles. It will also cover the security issue. In case a person is not comfortable sharing his real picture, he can simply switch to one of the illustrations. 

The images are also available in a GIF format. You can search from a different range of categories. The images are divided into several categories such as space, technology, animals, etc. The new series of Google avatars are different from its well-known counterparts. Bitmoji and Xbox allow the user to customize their avatar according to their choice. This is not the case with Google. Not much room for customization is available for the illustrations. 

Google has provided avatars to only android users. The company has promised to bring the feature very quickly to the iOS platform. The developers are doing a relentless job in optimizing the avatars for iPhones as soon as possible. 

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