New York Knicks Is Back In The Playoffs Of The NBA

new york knicks

The Boston Celtics slumped to a loss allowing the New York Knicks to end a strong regular season with a play-off place. This is the first time in eight years that the Knicks have managed the feat.

New York Knicks Did Not Have To Take The Court

The playoff drought of the New York Knicks ended without them having to play on the court. On Wednesday, the Celtics lost 94-102 in their match against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The result was even more important as the Celtics are the New York Knicks’ longtime rivals.

The New York Knicks have reached the magic number required for them to ensure a finish in the top six in the East. It will also soothe the team after the Lakers had defeated them in a thrilling match on Tuesday. The match had gone into overtime and had the second-lowest overtime scoring of the season – 101-99.

After the end of the Celtics’ game, Julius Randle, an All-Star of the Knicks, took to Twitter and said that this is just the start. He said that the New York Knicks are not even close to being done with the season. This will be the first playoff for Randle in his seven years with the New York Knicks. However, he is playing like a superstar and has shown that he can lead his team past the starting round.

The club had a lottery fate for straight seven seasons. But Tom Thibodeau, the coach, has made massive changes to the club’s culture in his first season with the team. He has brought ball-sharing, continuity, and defense. He has led the team to a first playoff since 2013. In 2013, they did not make it past Indiana in the starting round.

This is the second playoff drought Thibodeau has broken. He had also broken Minnesota’s drought of 14 years in the 2017-18 season.