Lakers Come Out On Top In Thrilling Match With Knicks


In recent NBA history, when games go into overtime, the score is usually more than 100 for both teams. On Tuesday, that was not the case for the Lakers as they went up against the Knicks. However, the low score is not to say that the game was anything less than one of the best of the season.

Horton-Tucker Gives The Finishing Touch For The Lakers

The match had gone into overtime with the scores tied at 91. The final score was 101-99 in the favor of the Lakers. This is also the season’s second-lowest points scored in overtime. Be that as it may, there was no lack of excitement and thrill in the game. Players took huge shots, each of which was good enough to be the winner. But, in the end, the Lakers managed to edge out in front, moving them to 39-30. As such, this extra win has a lot of significance on the standings.

With the win, the Lakers can still hope to not have to appear in the play-ins. They have three games remaining, all of which are expected to be easy. But they need the Trail Blazers to struggle. If they lose two more, the Lakers can get the sixth place. Adding to the hopes, the last three teams facing the Trail Blazers are three of the best this season: the Suns, the Nuggets, and the Jazz.

As far as individual performance goes, Talen Horton-Tucker gave a glimpse of what he can do in important games on Tuesday. For the entire season so far, he had only played for eight minutes in such tight situations. After all, he is only 20 and it is only logical for the Lakers to not be able to play him as much. But on Tuesday, he made it count. He netted 8 points of the 10 in overtime against a defense that is in the top 5 in the league.