The Newly-found Motherhood Sure Does Suit Gigi Hadid As She Talks About Khai

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid

The supermodel Gigi Hadid talks about her new experiences of being a young mother to a loving daughter Khai whom she shares with her now ex-husband Zayn Malik. Whilst a recent interview with Sunday Times, the 27-year-old supermodel opens up about newly found motherhood from her eyes as she caters to her little two-year-old. 

Loving The Gorgeous Mom-Daughter Duo With Gigi Hadid Absolute Acing In The Parenthood Field

Hadid told the said outlet in regard to her little girl that she has been already giving out more than she could ever ask for. She added that she always had an underlying want to live in the shoes of a mother, although she never grew to become obsessive about the thought or felt like she was put down on earth to fulfill her life as a mother. 

The young mom, Gigi Hadid shares that she’s always been organized in her life, and having Khai was a whole new experience wrapped in a blessing. Hadid also spilled how she along with Zayn Malik is currently handling co-parenting, explaining that their first and foremost priority is the well-being of their child and they will do whatever is necessary by keeping their kid’s happiness upfront. 

Hadid continued as she said she has a long life ahead with this person and continued off to share about her ex, beforehand noting that she always schedules work commitments accordingly. She added that Khai spends her time with her father too, she can have both her parents beside her and that genuinely makes her happy. 

Gigi Hadid and her lil daughter also have seemed to pick out some habits from the former One Direction member by adding little bits of herself that are quite indeed British. Hadid says she has truly bred in her stomach by eating a whole lot of British in-food like- curries, breakfast, and beans and she absolutely loves that. The child has also picked up a little bit of an English accent.