Founder of Blue Capital Academy, Ken Ibizugbe, defies COVID-19 to create more millionaires 

Ken Ibizugbe
Ken Ibizugbe

Successful forex trader and coach, Ken Ibizugbe, continues to help tons of people across the globe to reach their financial goal amid coronavirus pandemic 

Ken Ibizugbe is an experienced FX trader that has dedicated most part of his life and resources to creating financially stable individuals by helping struggling traders to become profitable in the Forex market. The FX coach and founder of Blue Capital Academy has not let the ravaging coronavirus pandemic to deter him from achieving his goal as he continues to teach tons of people worldwide by providing them with the resources to make profits constantly. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to ravage the world, with more than 17 million confirmed cases and thousands of deaths recorded in different parts of the world. The health crisis led to the near collapse of some businesses, consequently affecting the purchasing power of individuals. The restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the virus have also made it difficult for people to go about their activities and make ends meet. While the virus has led to the closure of several businesses across different industries, the FX market seems immune to the crisis as the market remained open all day every day. However, it takes having the requisite resources to harness the benefits of trading in the multi-trillion-dollar FX market. This is where Ken Ibizugbe and his team at Blue Capital Academy have been able to make a difference even during these challenging times. 

Ken did not allow COVID-19 to stop him and his students from making money in the highly dynamic FX market. Ken Ibizugbe has a reputation for delivering innovative trading solutions to his students. Since the launch of BCA, Ken has tutored and mentored students in different parts of the globe by using different platforms to reach out to them. 

Ken, through Blue Capital Academy, teaches students on how to participate in the foreign exchange markets. The company uses different platforms to reach his audience. The firm offers online and in-person teaching 3 days a week at the office. 

Blue Capital Academy was created with the primary goal of helping others to achieve financial freedom and Ken has stayed true to his goal over the years. “I love the grind helping the masses of people and leaving an impact on the world,” said Ken Ibizube, when he was asked about his motivation.