The England Team Appeared To Be Sputtering In Attack Against Scotland!


As the England team appeared to be sputtering in their attacking approach against Scotland, Gareth Southgate seemed to be under pressure. Gareth Southgate, coach of the national side is under intense pressure and looking to find goals for his team. In the World Cup of 2018, England managed to score only three goals while being in open positions. 

England Appeared To Be Very Conservative In Its Attack Against Scotland!

But the coaching staff along with Gareth Southgate eliminated this threat by developing a uniquely inventive and sustained threat from their set-pieces. Gareth Southgate made the team master the adaptation from the old days to VAR rather quickly than most of the other countries. At the 2020 Euro, people were eager to see some of the attacking talents that the national side have developed and fostered during three years. However, the draw between England and Scotland at the Wembley stadium made fans realize that the attacking mindset is lacking within the team. Scotland appeared to be disciplined and organized while carrying a dangerous and tangible threat. 

They had many opportunities and appeared to be taking them head-on. The team of Scotland was getting constantly cheered by around 25,000 fans, all members of the Tartan army. Southgate was getting surprised by this attacking mindset of Scotland. This is the hundred and fifth installment of the Euro Cup which first began around 149 years ago. The conservative and defensive streak inhabiting Gareth Southgate is disturbing the attacking balance of England. England appeared to be extra cautious while passing, lacking penetration or risk, particularly inside central midfield. However, the team is missing one player who will be injecting the required tempo within the team. The opponent then will stagger and get unsettled. They won’t be able to act defensively resilient anymore.