Stimulus Check May Not Be Provided Anymore

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The vaccination campaigns in the United States of America are currently going down at a slower pace. And with the increase in the Delta variant of the coronavirus, the health of the citizens, as well as the economic conditions of the country, is further exposed. The experts on the subjects of economics have stated their concern claiming this may have a huge effect on the recovery of the country. And this has further strengthened the demand for the fourth round of stimulus checks in the country. Some organizations and lawmakers have pushed the ongoing demands.

Stimulus Check Updates

No news of the fourth round of the stimulus check has been given out until now. It is not a hidden fact that the White House is already occupied with the negotiation concerning the infrastructure bill. However, nothing has been said if the next round of payments is a part of the concerned spending package. As far as the view of the politicians belonging to the Republican party is concerned, the payments should not be given. They hold the view that enough checks have been distributed as it is more important for the people to start working again. 

And when it comes to the stance of Joe Biden, with regard to the stimulus check, neither he nor his administration has stated anything. But they have also proved enough that they will not be fighting for the fourth round of payments. Taking into account the position of the Republicans, it is quite clear that the Democratic president would not take any risk in isolating both his team and himself.

The Republican party as together with the conservative economists hold the view that giving another round of the stimulus checks would put the country in a state of inflation. Many consider that the inflation crisis that took place resulted due to the relief money that was distributed in the month of March. Several governors also advocate ending the system as it poses a threat to businesses.