Infrastructure Strategy Of Nancy Pelosi Look Doubtful To Democrats

Infrastructure Strategy
Infrastructure Strategy

The thoughts of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, with regard to the infrastructure strategy is a matter of concern to the moderate politicians belonging to the Democratic party. The Democratic politician took the vow to delay the bipartisan deal of infrastructure. And according to her, she will only support the said deal if a larger bill of the Democratic party gets the approval of the Senate. Following this, the modern Democrats claimed that it was an uneasy condition and also stated their concern for the collapse of both efforts.

Pelosi’s Infrastructure Strategy Infuriates The Republicans 

The condition put forth by the California Democratic has impressed a lot of the progressives from the party. Those progressives had almost no interest in supporting the bipartisan proposal put forth by the Senate. They viewed it to be meager. However, things are not the same when it comes to the politicians belonging to the Republican party. Several of them came forth to criticize the statement of the House Speaker especially, Mitch McConnell, the minority leader of the Senate. The Republican hailing from Kentucky claimed that the 81-year-old Democratic should reconsider her infrastructure strategy.

As far as the text of the infrastructure strategy is concerned, the amount involved is 1.2 trillion USD. it is yet to be written down. It deals with strengthening the infrastructure in the country by building waterways, bridges, and roads. The financial source of the infrastructure strategy is to be the money redirected from the Covid relief. The bipartisan plan is supported by a total of 11 Republicans as of now. However, this does not mean that the proposal will not be disputed. There is a high chance for the Republicans to act against it if the Democrats continue associating the two acts with each other.  

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