NFL Claims Concussion Protocols That Did Not Fail Tua Tagovailoa Last Sunday


The NFL repeatedly claimed that Tua Tagovailoa’s head wasn’t as healthy as it appeared to be. The message was clear: concussion procedures were followed, and Tagovailoa passed. This was evident in video of Tagovailoa’s head smacking into the turf during the Buffalo Bills game last weekend in Miami, as well as in the quarterback’s buckled legs and tumble back into the ground. After hours of Miami’s victory over Buffalo, its league office felt very confident within this message, and vp of marketing Jeff Miller reaffirmed it on Wednesday.

Simply put, here was the NFL, basketball team, and now even Tua Tagovailoa all admitting that what you thought you heard was not what you actually saw.

There was minimal prospect of that allegation being true on Thursday. IT was not with Tagovailoa lying on the ground after being struck by a Cincinnati Bengals player in the second quarter and appeared to be unconscious. With his fingers and arms stretched into a “fence reaction” near the face of the player, a clear symptom of a brain damage.

NFL Claims Tua Tagovailoa Passed Concussion Protocols In Last Sunday:

It was a concussion, but I am not a physician. And I didn’t want any secret locker room procedures, an NFL Press release, or Dolphins manager Mike McDaniel to confirm it; he told the media about the diagnosis following the Dolphins’ 27-15 loss. Something was said when Tagovailoa left the game while tied to a trolley. The video of the ambulance transporting him to the adjacent hospital for a checkup was sufficient.

We are now at the crucial part. First and foremost, the club, the player, and all other decision-makers should constantly be concerned with Tagovailoa’s wellbeing. Once we are certain that he is safe, we must return towards the league’s continued brain safety regulations, which are a complete disaster.