US States Offering Additional Stimulus Checks To Overcome Inflation

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

The US federal government is not providing stimulus checks anymore but 17 states have decided to come forward to help their residents. The US state governments will offer aid to residents in this time of inflation. Several states are using their surplus budget to help cover basic costs of food and medication of eligible residents with additional stimulus checks. 

Details Of Stimulus Checks By States 

California residents will receive a stimulus check worth $1,050 from October to January as a tax refund for the “Middle Class”. Governor Jared Polis of Colorado also decided to offer a tax rebate worth $750 from spring 2023. Delaware has signed a House Bill to provide $300 as stimulus money to their residents. Georgia will give $250 as a tax refund to individuals, $500 to couples, and $375 to household heads. 

People of Hawaii might receive $100 to $300 based on income level within 31st December 2022. House Bill numbered 436 of Idaho is offering a rebate and tax reduction of 12% or $75. Illinois provided $100 to dependents or $50 to individuals along with tax rebates and tax credits. 

Additional Relief Payment 

Maine is giving $850 stimulus money to almost 858,000 residents from their budget surplus worth $730 million. Frontline workers of Massachusetts received $500 in March 2022 while New Jersey will give rebates between $450 and $1,050 from 2023. 

New Mexico approved a House Bill to give tax deductions and credits based on income levels. Moreover, they will also provide $250 worth of tax rebates to residents and $175 tax credits to each child. New York residents have been receiving at least a $100 tax rebate since August 2022. 

Pennsylvanian residents already received tax rebates between $250 and $650 according to income levels. Virginia State also decided on giving a tax rebate of $500 to couples and $250 to individual eligible residents.

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