Carl Nassib Comes Out As Gay: First Active NFL Player To Open Up

carl nassib
carl nassib

Carl Nassib has become the first NFL player to announce that he is gay. The Las Vegas Raiders defensive lineman also announced a donation of $100,000 to The Trevor Project, which is at the forefront to provide crisis intervention and prevent suicides among LGBTQ+. He announced his preference in a post on Instagram.

He was speaking from his home in Pennsylvania. The 28-year-old said that he had been planning to come out and was finally comfortable getting it off his chest. He said that he had the life one could hope for and had the full support of his friends and family members.

Visibility And Representation Are Important: Carl Nassib

Carl Nassib said that he wasn’t doing it for publicity and hoped for the day when it wouldn’t be necessary to reveal one’s sexuality publicly. He said that he would continue to work for a culture that is compassionate and accepting.

Mark Davis, The Raiders owner was supportive of his choice and said that it was Carl Nassib’s personal decision. He also said that it should come to a point when it will not be necessary to publicly declare one’s sexual preference. He commended Carl Nassib for his courage.

NFL Community Proud: NFL Commissioner

Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner said that the NFL family was proud of Nassib for his courage in sharing the truth. He said that representation was necessary. He wished Nassib all the luck that he deserved.

State coach of Pennsylvania, James Franklin said that he was proud of Nassib for having lent his voice to the community. He said that Nassib’s contribution went beyond the field. He said that he had been proud of him before, and was much more so after his brave decision.

Nassib will become the first gay player playing in a regular season to come out. back in 2014, Michael Sam, the defensive end had come out about his homosexuality before being drafted by the St.Louis Rams but failed to make the final roster.

Nassib’s team also tweeted his announcement with a tweet and three black hearts.

LGBTQ advocacy group, GLAAD, said Carl Nassib coming out was a reflection on the growing visibility of the community and its inclusion into professional sport. It will also send a message to many aspiring athletes. Nassib has been with the Raiders since 2020 when he moved as a free agent.