Sophie Turner’s Sexuality Revealed!

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner, the British actress from the famous show from HBO, the Game Of Thrones, seems to be extremely happy to celebrate pride month that begins in the month of June. fans are even wondering if she is from the community of LGBTQ. The actress took to the social media platform, Instagram, to celebrate the month this Wednesday. She posted a story on Instagram that had a lot of pride-month-themed stickers like “Gay Pride”,  “Bi Pride” and a few more. This is what caused the fans to think that the 25-year-old actress is coming out as queer.  

Sophie TurnerIs More Into “Soul”

A number of fans of Sophie Turner came forth to show support to her over Instagram. One of them expressed the confusion related to her post. And continued writing that even if she is, she will always be respected. They even used the phrase from the GOT calling her a “queen in the north.” another one expressed excitement over the fact that she was a bi-sexual.  Fans even talked about the 25-year-old actor over the social media platform, Twitter. One of them posted a sarcastic comment indicating that she could have been a better option for Sophie Turner than husband Joe Jonas if she was bi.

The wife of Joe Jonas, the singing sensation and mother of one has not provided any clarity on the confusion regarding her sexuality. However, she had once talked about it in the year 2019. The actress of Dark Phoenix had revealed that men were not the only ones she was attracted to. Sophie Turner had also revealed that she had a romantic past with women. She had stated that she was experimenting with things when she was growing up as all people do. And that she was more into the soul than gender. However, she is happily married to Joe Jonas since May 2019.