Heidi Klum Pans Victoria’s Secret: Angels And Demons’ Docuseries

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum

The Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons documentary series on Hulu did not appeal to Heidi Klum.

For 13 years, Klum was one of the lingerie industry’s most prominent models; they were known as “Angels” by the company. In December 2010, she parted ways amicably to concentrate on other endeavors.

Klum talked in a podcast episode where she said she watched it and thought it was boring. She said that she knew hardly anyone on that show, and thus she thought all these people were talking! She thought it was strange as she hadn’t met them before.

The popular three-part docuseries, which debuted last month, allegedly exposed Victoria’s Secret’s claimed troubles, including bullying, sexual harassment, and body-shaming, over the 20 years the Angels were employed there. It also disclosed that Les Wexner, the former CEO of its former parent firm L Brands, had employed late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as a money manager at one point. Victoria’s Secret has since apologized and rebranded after discontinuing the no longer “culturally relevant” Angels campaign under new management.

She said they approached her and asked her to participate in that show. She thought that Heidi Klum wasn’t their person if they were trying to find a negative story. She thought that she had the best times there.

Heidi Klum Pans To Victoria’s Secret: 

Although it’s unknown if Klum heard them, several former Victoria’s Secret employees—including models Lyndsey Scott and Frederique van der Wal, executives, and others—decided to share their experiences.

A request for comment from Yahoo Entertainment was not immediately answered by Hulu or the show’s creators.

Heidi Klum concurred with the host throughout the conversation that the modeling business had gotten more diverse.