Packers Were Embarrassed By The Saints, No One Saw It Coming

green bay packers

No one on the Green Bay Packers saw the Loss coming. They just came off their 2nd straight 13-win season and a second straight NFC Championship Game appearance. 

Rodgers was looking sharp after a small discontentment in the offseason. The MVP had to bow down against the Saints when they lost 38-3 in the season opener. The Saints were hosting the game on Sunday.

The Packers Loss Came As A Surprise To Everyone

The Packers lost by 35 points which is the worst loss recorded in an opener that had played in the AFC/NFC Championship Game.

Matt LaFleur, who is the coach of the packers, call the loss humbling and stated that the Saints were ready to play and hence embarrassed them.

Aaron Rodgers had a different point of view and called it “just one game”. He stated that the team played really bad and the offense did not execute well. They still have 16 more games to play and he looks forward to those.

Rodgers had a collection of skilled players in positions but failed to see the end line. He had to exit with 10:46 left in the game and a passing rate of 36.8. He gave way to Jordan Love.

Rodgers just completed 4 passes out of 15 for the Packers, where he had more than 2.5 secs to throw. 2 of his interceptions came with that much time which included one in the red zone. This was his worst completion percentage on throws since 2016.

At the end of the day, this loss was the worst suffered by Rodgers as a starter. This was also the 3rd time that the Packers had scored three or fewer points while Rodgers was starting. This was also Rodgers’ third game with no touchdown passes and multiple interceptions.

The surprising fact was that the Packers had beaten them, in the last season, 37-30. They were also missing their receiver, Davante Adams. That it happened in the opener was a shock, but to Rodgers that was easier to take than if it happened down the road.