Nicholas Brendon Held By The Police

Nicholas Brendon
Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon has been arrested by the police. He seems to be having a rough patch. The star actor has been charged with serious allegations. Brendon has been taken into custody for drug fraud. The star was found guilty of possessing banned drugs along with a fake prescription. Brendon also refused to disclose his identity to the officials of Vigo County. The charges, if proven guilty, can lead the Hollywood star into some serious trouble. The police have claimed to have found a bag of plastic inside the actor’s car. More details are listed below. 

Nicholas Brendon Accused With Drug Charges

According to reports, the police found Brendon sweating heavily. He seemed disturbed and was nervously shaking his hands when confronted by the police. On being asked his identity he claimed himself as Kelton Schultz. However, the real name of the actor is Nicholas Brendon Schultz. The actor was stopped by the police when he was found to be overspeeding. 

The police claimed to have found a fake prescription and some pills. The pills were prescribed to Nicholas Bender. On further investigation, police got evidence of drug smuggling. A unit of K-9 was bought immediately to investigate the vehicle thoroughly. The powder, pills, and medications were all confiscated by the on-duty officials. Detailed investigations led the police to find several plastic pouches with suspicious powdery residues. 

Nicholas Brendon was questioned about why he misinformed the police. The star stated that he often used his brother’s prescription and medications. Nicholas has been charged with producing a false identity. They even doubted that the confiscated ID was not genuine. Nicholas will be produced to the court for hearing on 2nd December. Christopher Eskew was the lawyer of Brendon. He refused to comment on the incident.