Victoria P Exposed!

Victoria P
Victoria P

Victoria P seems to be going through a rough patch. She does not seem to be enjoying life very much. To add insult to the injury, she was exposed at a popular reality show recently. Victoria was accused of being caught red-handed about her secret affair. The revelation made her quit the show. It all started with an ugly fight. The fight involved a couple of other contestants.  Tammy Ly & Kelsey Weier are her competitors in the show. Meanwhile, Victoria P was seen to be in tears after her exit from the show. The actress self eliminated herself as she broke down in front of the camera. 

Victoria P Secrets Spilled

Victoria was a contestant in the famous TV show- Bachelor In Paradise. Victoria had a romantic relationship brewing with James Bonsall. However, an ugly fight resulted in the break up of the couple. Victoria and James began to hit it off for a long time. The season that featured Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette was the point these two met. 

The duo could be frequently spotted making love to each other. But, things started to change quickly. The reactions made the audiences doubt the true feelings Victoria had for James. She almost forgot his name and often used to address James as “that guy”. 

Kelsey and Tammy claimed that she had a steady relationship. They accused Victoria P of using James just to prolong her stay at Paradise. Tammy eventually revealed the truth to James. James was shocked and heartbroken to hear the news. Victoria P was broken as well. However, she denied all the claims of using James. She stated that all her intentions were true and pure. Victoria blamed it on herself for the mess up and decided to walk away. 


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