Nick Cannon’s Latest Hilarious Project

nick cannon

Nick Cannon’s new game show Who’s Having My Baby, isn’t actually a show. This is set for a gag with Comedian and actor Kevin Hart. The is going to be premiered on 6th April. There will be also a bunch of celebrity friends of nick and Kevin. Kevin Hart is known as the biggest prankster in the industry, whose prank often backfires on him. Especially when he is with Dwayne Johnson. For starters, Nick posed in front of two ladies. There is written the show’s name in front of them in yellow.

Nick Cannon Again Pranked The World

Last February Kevin Hart sent a condom vending machine to Nick Cannon as a prank. Later they posted a poster that shows both of them standing side by side. Titled celebrity prank wars. Nick Cannon is totally in deep with this show. He further mentioned there is nothing more than two best friends pranking each other.

Nick Cannon proved to be a baby vending machine. He is a dad to 12 children from different mothers. The show is somehow appropriate. Given his situation, this is the massively asked question by the media if he is having another one. Nick Cannon has answered them sarcastically for now he has stopped. Thus placing the baby’s situation on god saying god will decide when he will be done.

He is thinking of having more babies by when is 85. He got his handful right now and made his own team probably. Cannon feel blessed to have all those babies. He is making sure they all have bright futures. He has all kinds of sources to assist his children. Anyone who wants to be a scientist can be put into Ivy League colleges. Nick Cannon is giving them full authority to choose any field they want to thrive in. He is asking the almighty for more blessings so that he can provide everything.