Jenna Ortega Setting Up A New Bar In Her Career

jenna ortega

Wednesday, the Netflix series was released last year. Wednesday Adams played by Jenna Ortega. The show has taken over the world with a snap. Her dance was viral within an hour of its release. She has come so far in her career. Hosting Saturday Night Live is everyone’s dream, and so does Ortega’s. She is just 20 years old and will be hosting SNL this weekend.

Jenna Ortega Did The Famous Moves Prior To Her Show

SNL has been a huge part of everyone’s life. All the known and famous faces have been trying to be on that show. Everyone tried since the beginning of their career in the industry. Jenna Ortega falls with the crowd as well. Her famous dance moves have gone viral. She danced one last time before the SNL shoot with the Comedy trio please don’t destroy it. Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and martin Herlihy asked her to dance one more time. Jenna Ortega appeared with exact Wednesday Adams attire.

After going through the script she decided to do something different. Doing Wednesday Adams’s move would be a cliche move. She is always open to new and adventurous things. The promo of SNL ended abruptly. Just after the comedy trio along with Jenna Ortega jumped onto the stage.

Ortega further shared experiences from her Wednesday set. She explained how she became unprofessional at times. She changed many lines, going after the director’s wishes. Wednesday Adam was happy when she saw the dance dress. Whereas Jenna Ortega hated it she had to say that. It was going against Wednesday Adams’s character. She had to do something out of Wednesday’s character, it was one of them.

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