Kate Middleton Received A Honorary Title

kate middleton

King Charles III awarded Kate Middleton a new title. After Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Prince William and his wife have given the title of Prince and Princess of wales, and princess of Wales was given to her after Princess Diana. Kate always kept her royal duties ahead of her and maintain them with loyalty.  

Kate Middleton Has Been The Perfect Princess Ever Since

 She married Prince William in  2011 since then she has been fulfilling royal duties obediently. Kate Middleton has been honoring the guards’ regiment on st. patrick’s day since she got married into the royal family. The title was owned by Prince William before, just before marrying Kate, and now it was given to her as the ‘Colonel of the Irish Guards’. And prince William has been given the title of Colonel Of The Welsh guards.

Also, Queen Consort Camilla was awarded the title of colonel of the Grenadier guards. She will never be the queen or never be given the title of princess whatsoever. Rumored she had a bittersweet relationship with the late Queen and all the drama regarding Princess Diana, and the feud.

The media didn’t let them have one moment in private, neither Princess Diana nor Camilla. The whole world hated her she is the reason the fairytale became the worst nightmare of Princess Diana. And that title is now carried on by Kate Middleton. Who has proven to be the loyal one in the so-called battle between two daughters-in-law?

The Colonel’s title was given to Prince Andrew before and later was taken from him, as Queen believed he didn’t honor that title enough to hold that.

A parade is going to take place with the title holders on the back of the horses and others in the carriage.