Nico Rosberg Advices Max Verstappen

Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg is one of the renowned names in the F1 circuit. Rosberg is a German racer who formerly drove for Mercedes. He was born on 27th June 1985 and was raised in Monaco. Nico was the son of the great racer, Keke Rosberg. Keke was the champion of the 1982 Finnish World Champion. Nico Rosberg was very fond of cars since his childhood. He started racing at the early age of six. He went on to become one of the best racers on the circuit. 

Nico made his debut as a driver in the year 2006. He achieved a couple of podium finishes in 2008. His first win came in the year 2012 when he triumphed in the Chinese Grand Prix. Nico has been recently seen dishing out advices to Mac Verstappen. Max has been provided with some valuable insights regarding the weaknesses of Lewis Hamilton. Let us quickly run through the informations provided by the veteran below. 

Nico Rosberg Has Some Tips To Share With Verstappen 

Max Verstappen seems to have got himself an unexpected friend. Max’s meteoric rise to the grandest stage has made everyone take note. Nico Rosberg decided to come out and help the youngster with some coaching. Rosberg has recently stated some tactics to Verstappen.

The information provided is expected to help Max win against Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen is on the verge of his first major championship. He is in the lead at the moment with nineteen points. With just four races remaining, the advice of Rosberg seems to come in handy. He asked Max not to let his foot down. Nico described Hamilton as a fierce competitor. He told Verstappen to try and gather as many points as he could. 

Nico Rosberg has already beaten Hamilton back in 2016. Speaking about his career, Nico stated that he enjoyed racing. He also claimed to have fun with the fierce competition he had against Lewis Hamilton.