Nikki Haley Is Rooting For Old People

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, presidential candidate for the Republican party. She has been focusing on old people’s needs. She is placing the point of giving everyone equal benefits. She believes that wealthier people get more advantages than all middle-class people. She has asked to change the retirement age. Changing the retirement age would benefit young people in the future. Especially those who are joining the corporate field now.

Nikki Haley’s Plan for Future Generations

She is continuously pressuring on the point where future generations are headed. The former president has been pressurizing the Republicans to cut social security and medicare from wealthy people. Whereas, President Joe Biden is continuously against this demand of cutting security.

Last week Trump announced in a video that he wants to increase the age of the social security number. Nikki Haley is also considering the same. Trump said the minimum age should be 70 to 75, maximum of 80 for special cases.

Nikki Haley’s continuous effort for the future generation and old people. She wants to cut social security from the wealthy people and give it to the needy ones. Whereas, another GOP leader Ron DeSantis has been distancing himself from the social security matter.

Nikki Haley battling for entitlement and future beneficiaries. Even the former vice president would like to bring social security and medicare to the table. This is important and needs to be looked at immediately. 

She is looking forward to expanding the medicare advantage packages. There is a new proposal for the 2024 presidential budget. That is going to be a taxation increment for those who earn more than $400,000 a year. Nikki Haley also criticized the president for increasing the taxes on some particular individuals. This is the only way to act upon the entitlement according to Biden says Haley.

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