Harvey Weinstein Tried To Replace Goldie Hawn 

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn has been chosen by director Harvey Weinstein. She was all set to produce the movie. Later Harvey started making problems with the story deliberately. She was starring along with Madonna. The deal was set, and near the last moment, Harvey started making changes to the script. That caught Goldie off guard. She recalls the disturbing time of her life.

Goldie Hawn Stood Her Ground 

Harvey Weinstein was changing the story. The deal was set but he was just trying to bully Goldie Hawn. He thought she was naive. Lately, that nasty trick of his didn’t work whatsoever.

He paid Hawn the money she worked hard for. In response, Goldie Hawn paid respect to him. She recalls saying to Harvey that the best part was not the money. The way he showed integrity towards her said it all. His action didn’t let Goldie Hawn’s faith lose dignity. He restored it. He proved he was a man of ethics and culture. Thus Goldie Hawn didn’t do anything about it. She is proud that she stood her ground and didn’t let the world fool her. She had faith in herself and was rigid to make something out of that movie.

In the case of Madonna, she didn’t respond. According to Hawn, she went with the flow. When Harvey Weinstein was asked he said the acting role is fully dependent on the story. The story which best suits the plot. They did best for “Chicago”.He praised Goldie Hawn for her honesty. In that crucial time in the industry, she stood her ground. Which is very uncommon in the industry. Harvey Weinstein is currently doing his time in prison for multiple sex crimes in New York City and Los Angeles.