Nikola Jokic Leaves Jazz Game, Endures A Knee Injury

Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic had to leave the game on Tuesday where they lost 122-110 against the Utah Jazz. He suffered a knee injury in the first half and did not return later.

The center for the Denver Nuggets and reigning NBA MVP, Nikola Jokic, had bumped his knee with Rudy Gobert as the center drove to the basket in the first half.

Nikola Jokic fell to the court immediately and clutched his knee in agony. He attempted to walk the injury off but could not and left for the Nuggets locker room.

The Team’s Announcement About The Nikola Jokic Injury

The team announced at HT that Jokic had suffered a knee contusion and was questionable if he would return. After he didn’t return for the third quarter, the Nuggets ruled him out for the rest of the game. 

Jokic’s long-term prognosis wasn’t immediately clear. After the game, Nuggets coach Michael Malone sounded optimistic about the injury.  

Nikola Jokic was off to a great start and tallied 24 pts, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists in the first half itself. He was the game’s leading scorer even though he played less than a single half.

Will Barton, who reportedly jammed his thumb late in the game, scored 21 points.

Gobert had 23 pts and 16 rebounds for the Jazz.

Through three games entering Tuesday, Nikola Jokic had picked up on his MVP pace, averaging 27.7 points, 16 rebounds, four assists and 2.7 steals in a 2-2 Nuggets start.