No Stimulus Checks For Months Tested Americas Coping Mechanism

Stimulus Checks

There were no stimulus checks since 2021 march, and with rising inflation and the urge to survive, people demanded stimulus checks. However, in order to issue checks that bill needs to go through a bunch of signatures from representatives to pass. Which was not happening at all. Citizens dived into their savings, which is perhaps going to end soon.

Concrete Reason Must Be Provided For Further Stimulus Checks

For more stimulus checks federal government needs more solid reasons to provide one or at least fight for one. Republicans always have been against the checks. And even those who supported the American rescue act plan were warned of the worse type of inflation any country could face if another were issued.

Most of the stimulus checks that were issued previously direct affected the bank account via direct deposit. The cry for more increased day by day and then for months, however, it went unheard. The economist wasn’t willing to jeopardize the country’s economy in any way.

Later the inflation soared high and became unbearable even to buy food or groceries. Food costs gas prices and everyday essentials became costly to even bear. Many ended up on the streets because they couldn’t pay their house rent, and bringing food to the table was a challenging task.

Egg prices increased to $4.25, which doubled within a year. But this is highly unlikely the government will take high-priced egg cartons as a solid reason for more stimulus checks. However, the cry for help is increasing day by day and many state governments have taken the matter into their own hands to issue relief checks or any kind of valid payments.

Which would be beneficial for them to survive and hold onto hope a little longer. Stimulus Checks could be a lifesaver this time, even with the job market but labor charges have dropped badly.