Rand Paul Spars Again With Anthony Fauci: Top Immunologist Calls Out Eye Doctor For Opposing Science

Rand Paul
Rand Paul

Physician-scientist and immunologist, Anthony Fauci has hit out at some US lawmakers, including Republican Sen. Paul Rand by saying that they were opposed to science. The nation’s top immunologist has been the face representing the federal administrative response to the pandemic. His views have put him on a collision course with Republican lawmakers who have been critical of his response.

Republican Senator Rand Paul has sparred frequently with Dr. Fauci over policies and statements and has been deeply critical of the latter’s response to the pandemic. The eye doctor has hit out at Dr. Fauci in the past for statements he endorsed or made.

Recently Rand Paul attacked Dr. Fauci during a Senate hearing over the origins of the pandemic and controversial studies funding of research by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which Fauci heads.

Rand Paul Has In The Past Accused Dr. Fauci Of Funding Controversial Research In Wuhan

Rand Paul has accused NIAID, led by Dr. Fauci since 1984, of funding controversial research at the Wuhan lab in China, believed to be the source of the disease. The research in question involved modifying pathogens to predict their evolvement over time.

In an interview, Dr. Fauci dismissed opposition by lawmakers, calling it ‘noise.’ Dr. Fauci said that these people were in fact criticizing science. He said that anybody who looked at the issues critically will realize that there was a marked anti-science stance, and they were making it difficult to share the truth.

He said that by attacking him, they were in truth were being critical of science, because he represented it.

Sen. Paul Rand hit back and said that it was an absolute hubris that someone should claim that they represent science, especially a public health official. He accused Dr. Fauci of having consistently ignored the science of natural immunity. Paul has called Dr. Fauci’s claims alarming and astounding and accused him of ignoring the natural human immune system.

In the past, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have called for Dr. Fauci to step down and face prosecution, a stance dismissed by the immunologist as noise.