Sutton Stracke Is Over Hyped With New Season

Sutton Stracke

Recently Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins left the Realhousewives Of Beverly Hills. The show is about, to begin with, season 13, and Sutton Stracke couldn’t keep her calm. She is more than ready to get back on the cameras. As the two members left the show, it was quite a shocking moment to digest and many are relieved with the biggest competitors leaving the show.

Scripts Arent For Sutton Stracke

Sutton Stracke is still a newbie, she joined the RHOBH in season 10, as a friend of the cast. She is yet to learn things and the nasty politics to stay. She already has been the center of the feud with the cast many times. Looks like she has got a grip. Sutton Stracke must be one of many reasons why Diana Jenkins left the show, she even got into a fight with Lisa Rinna.

The main two competitors are out of the picture and now Sutton feels ‘refreshed’ and even more relaxed filming this season. The last season was full of drama and unwanted situations, and the chaos was needed to bring everyone on track including Herself.

In Sutton Stracke’s own words, she doesn’t like doing everything on the script, and she only likes to ‘show up’, which she has been doing so far. And here people wondering how did she end up in a fight. She further said she won’t hurt anybody and won’t even play unfairly.

Sutton Stracke is yet to sign the contract, and already chalked out her plan to thrive. She cannot wait to meet the girls and others, with two people out she strongly believes this season won’t be much of an ‘issue’.She recently had her fashion event in New York, which she loves. And she loves solving fashion problems.

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