No Way Home Trailer Reveals The Villain?


No Way Home is the latest sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Far From Home had great expectations from the fans but it couldn’t catch up. This time, the movie has been hyped even further. From the day it was announced fans went crazy. Leaked photos, cryptic posts, and fan theories have run wild. With Marvel confirming the multiverse, the fans are more than thrilled. They are eager to witness the happenings of the latest Spiderman flick. The initial trailer of the movie has been launched. Movie buffs are claiming to have got a sneak peek at the villain. Or did they? 

No Way Home Villain Spotted, Claims Fans

Marvel does a lot of things to promote their movies. They make sure everything is on point to make their movies polished and crisp. However, there is one thing the MCU would never do. They would never spill spoilers in their trailers. That is something the fans claim Marvel has done with their latest trailer. 

Spiderman: No Way Home trailer has been in the talks for a while.  Speculations of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield appearing have been doing the rounds. The spider verse is expected to be finally revealed. However, fans stated that Lizard seems to be the villain for the upcoming Spiderman movie. Sony has not yet confirmed the return of the character. 

No Way Home is expected to see a return of Green Goblin & Electro. Fans have analyzed the trailer and confirmed the Lizard. They have also suspected a possible Sinister Six storyline in the upcoming film. However, the trailers should not be believed when it comes to Marvel. We should all famously remember the Hulk in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. There was no trace of the big guy in the entirety of the film. The fans have to wait until 17th December to make sure their predictions were right or wrong.