Noma Will Be Bringing Its Shutters Down


The famous danish restaurant Noma will be shutting down in a year. This restaurant has won the title of world’s top restaurant consequently. This is situated in Copenhagen. This is closing down for a transformation to a test kitchen. And will be dedicated to creating new delicacies.

Noma In Chef’s Word

Noma stands for Nordic and Food, which started doing business in 2003. And since then been unstoppable. Rene Redzepi, the chef of Noma, is not at all sad or heartbroken that his art station is closing. He is very excited about the new chapter Noma’s going to start in 2025. The restaurant will be closed by 2024 winter. They are transforming it into a giant food lab, focusing on experimenting with food and flavors. These chefs are no less than the scientist we see in the lab with a white coat on.

The Noma’s chefs are traveling the world in search of new flavors, so they can play with them in their kitchens. They need ample space and time to showcase their creativity, which will bring them more recognition not only for chefs but magicians. The fruits of their efforts will be witnessed by the whole world.

However, there is a chance of a pop-up version, but none of the chefs disclose the place. Further, they told us their main motive for Noma is currently to engage with new projects and develop new things to bring to the plate. That could literally blow customers’ minds.

Previously it has gone through a transformation in 2015, and again happening within 8 years. It has already been voted for three times as the world’s number-one restaurant and won two times Michelin stars.

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