Joe Biden Has Conceded That DC’s Bygone Era May Indeed Be Gone

Inflation Reduction Act

For the White House, and for Joe Biden, the efforts at bipartisanship have already taken a backseat. To the utmost frustration of several Democrats and their closest advocates, the President had spent close to a year in office where he insisted on trying to work along with the Republicans. Nevertheless, the attempt at bipartisanship has definitely yielded some notable successes. But the entire aura has also been colored by an in-your-face GOP obstructionism. Now, close to a year later, Biden doesn’t really believe that most of the Republicans would eventually be dropping their fealty to the former President- along with a willingness to engage. 

Last week, President Joe Biden stated that he had never expected the ultra-MAGA Republicans to finally overcome their allure of controlling the Republican party and actually start controlling the party. He never had anticipated that turn of events. To most of the Democrats in Congress, this admission was long overdue. Even some that orbit Biden had been urging for a far more aggressive response- as reported by four officials from the White House and Democrats that are close to the Oval office. 

Joe Biden Doesn’t Think He Can Work With The Republicans Anymore

The senior adviser of Joe Biden, Steve Ricchetti, informed Biden after the passing of the infrastructure bill that he didn’t really think that the GOP would be bargaining anymore. Much of the communications staff, which include just-departed press secretary Jen Psaki went on to advise a far more aggressive stance. Also, Jill Biden, the first lady, informed confidants that she had been urging her husband to go more on the offensive. 

Unfortunately, this approach wasn’t something that came naturally, or quickly to President Joe Biden. This resulted in him largely holding back, even informing others that he could work with Mitch McConnell.