Donald Trump Requested To Separate The Case From Co-Defendants

donald trump

According to a recent court document, ex-president Donald Trump has entered a not-guilty plea in the extensive FC election meddling case. Trump was supposed to be formally charged on Wednesday. Criminal defendants in Georgia are permitted by law to make an official plea via court documents while forgoing an in-person presence. 

Additionally, Donald Trump formally urged the judge to separate his file from that of his co-respondent, who are seeking a swift trial. By establishing a trial date of October 23, 2023, Trump’s lawyer Steven Sadow claims that He won’t have ” adequate time” to put together his defense for the courtroom and that doing so would “breach President Trump’s “due process and fair trial are guaranteed under the federal and state constitutions..” 

Donald Trump’s Case Delayed In Pre-Trial Proceedings  

Donald Trump has pled not guilty to criminal charges four times since moving away from the president, the most recent instance being during his arraignment. In this instance, Trump is accused of racketeering for allegedly trying to rig Georgia’s 2020 election results.

Sidney Powell, Trevian Kutti, and Jenna Ellis are just a few of the ex-president’s co-defendants who have waived their appearances in court and entered not-guilty pleas. Those defendants who don’t waive their attendance will show up to court on 6th September as planned. Democratic Fulton County DA Fani Willis requested last week that the judge presiding over the case set October 23 as the date for the trial of all nineteen defendants.

In response, Donald Trump’s attorneys stated that they disagreed with the suggested date and had anticipated the possibility of pre-trial disagreements that might delay the proceedings. Several co-respondents, including Mark Meadows, his former head of staff have attempted to transfer their cases from Georgia state court to federal court, which would be a better legal venue but would also cause the proceedings to be delayed.