Rep. Angie Craig Has Been Assaulted At Her Own DC Apartment

Angie Craig

Thursday morning Representative Angie Craig was reported to be assaulted at her Washington apartment in D.C., in her office. Nick Coe, the chief of staff, announced that the incident was not seemingly politically motivated.

Congresswomen Angie Craig Attacked At Her Own Apartment Elevator By An Unknown Perpetrator

The assault took place on the elevator of the building around 7:15 am, the attack resulted in a bruise on the left arm of Angie Craig, revealed in a statement by Coe. While the lawmaker pursued to call 911 the attacker was quick to flee the scene.

Rep. Angie Craig put up a fight to defend herself in front of the perpetrator causing the bruise but else wise is physically unharmed, Coe revealed in his statement. Adding that nothing has proven the act to be politically motivated yet. 

In accordance with the report filed at the D.C. Metropolitan Department of Police, Angie Craig described that her first encounter with the assailant was in the lobby of her building, where she found the perpetrator acting erratic almost as if he was under the influence of some substance. She went forward to greet the man with “good morning” and went along her way as he followed her into the elevator where he absurdly started doing push-ups out of nowhere.

The unknown assailant lunged at lawmaker Angie Craig punching her on the chin whilst grabbing her throat, as reported by the police. The congresswoman luckily threw her hot coffee at him in an attempt to defend herself which led to the attacker fleeing off the scene.

In the press release with Angie Craig, she disclosed nothing but just said she has been having a rough morning. Further details of the incident remained closed. Nick Coe has asked to respect Angie’s privacy in the given situation.