Not Another Stimulus Check Is Coming Out From The Federal Government’s Pocket This Year

Stimulus Check

For another round of Stimulus Check Payments the Congress would have to pass a new law to authorize the payments. This hasn’t happened yet.

Since the start of the pandemic back in 2019-2020, the national Congress of the United States has passed three legislations to help the American taxpayers with fresh batches of stimulus check payments. These payments, mostly known as the impact payments have helped million of Americans in the last few years.

The amount of three check payments by the national congress has rounded up to three thousand dollars in cash for every eligible taxpayer. The last of these payments came in March 2021.

So, Will There Be Another Stimulus Check Payment By The National Government In 2023?

No, the federal government is not trying to pass another legislation for another round of stimulus check for the Americans in 2023. If they did, the congress would have to pass the bill to send out these free cash payments. However, as far as we know the congress too hasn’t proceeded in that matter yet.

What we know from our sources in the Internal Revenue Service confirmed that there are no bills passé. The US Treasury Dept. along with the IRS that has the information about how anyone can get three previous check payments if someone hasn’t received them yet. However, they haven’t mentioned anything about a fourth stimulus check yet.

The three prior stimulus check payments were included in law that was approved by Congress & ratified by the president at the time. The CARES Act, which was approved in Mar 2020, included the first stimulus check for twelve hundred dollars. A spending plan that was approved in Dec 2020 included the 2nd check for six hundred dollars. The American Rescue Plan, which has been approved in Mar 2021, featured the third payment for fourteen hundred dollars.




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