NY Yankees Beat The Mighty Royals

New York Yankees
New York Yankees

NY Yankees reigned supreme over the Royals on Monday. The game was very fought very closely. The Yankees did not do justice to their reputation. They started on a positive note. But as the match progressed, they seemed to press the panic button. The Yankees had a real tough time coping up with the Royals. The match was swinging like a pendulum. Finally, the New York-based team found their rhythm. They edged past their opponents at the very last moment handing themselves the victory. 

NY Yankees Win A Marathon Thriller

It was a much hyped-up match. From the very start of the match, the momentum was electrifying. Both the teams started on a positive note. However, as the match progressed, the NY Yankees looked panicky. The team let go of the lead and made their win hard to achieve. 

The stadium had an electrifying atmosphere. It was attended by inhouse spectators. The supporters cheered for both the teams loudly. Yankees and the Royals fought almost a marathon. The game continued for 4.5hours. The official attendance was recorded at 18,477. 

NY Yankees have registered their sixth victory in seven games. They are having a fantastic season so far. The improvement in the team is quite noticeable. Jameson Taillon was the star of the night for Yankees. He bossed the game with his skills and experience. He provided be a great asset for the team. 

NY Yankees had a few issues of their own to deal with. The team lost Gleyber Torres & Gio Urshella. Both of them suffered injuries in the training session.  Torres hurt his thumb while Urshela is nursing his hamstring. This hard-fought victory will certainly help the team in going forward. It will also bolster the confidence of the winning team

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