Bam Margera Fired

Bam Margera
Bam Margera

Bam Margera has been fired from Jackass. He was the assistant creator of the room. The decision was taken by the Paramount pictures. They announced the axing of Margera way back in 2020 August. Bam, however, did not take this incidence in a good sport. He immediately took legal action and sued them. Margera lodged complaints against Paramount Pictures. He also sued Johnny Knoxville. 

Bam Margera Unhappy, Sues Paramount & Knoxville

Margera has filed a legal suit against the production house of Paramount. He has also sued Knoxville and other people. The reason for the outburst was that he was expelled from a project. 

The suit claims heavy damages incurred on the part of Margera. He also addressed the incidence as inhumane. The suit contained 39pages. It was presented to the Superior courts of Los Angeles. Bam also said that the sudden firing was unexpected and wrongful. 

Bam claimed he has been trapped and was forcefully made to sign the contract. The “Wellness Agreement” made him appear for regular blood tests. The lawsuit points some serious fingers at Paramount. It stated that the production company hired doctors. The doctors’ video called Margera and made him have the pills. This medication did some serious damage to the physical and mental health of Bam. It left him in a state of instability. 

Apart from Paramount Pictures, MTV, and Knoxville, complaints were also filed against others. Bam Margera was visually disturbed and shaken. He vented out his disappointment in a statement. Margera stated that he was very much angry and irritated at the whole development. He said that the producers did not even pay him for his work. Bam Margera’s real name was Brandon Margera. It now remains to be seen how does the production house react to the allegations.