Terrence Clarke’s Memory Gets Honored By NBA On His Drafting Night

Terrence Clarke
Terrence Clarke

Terrence Clarke passed away in a tragic car accident in April. Although the drafting in NBA is a night of joy, the absence of Terence Clark was thoroughly missed on the night of Thursday.

Clarke’s memory was honored by Adam Silver, the Commissioner, by taking a moment and then drafting him ceremonially to the NBA. His mother, along with his brother and sister were invited on stage by Silver to be a part of the moment. Terrence Clarke’s mother could not stop shedding her tears still in grief, in the pain of losing her son.   

Friends, fans, teammates, and even Clarke’s coach spent their time honoring the athlete on their social media platforms all day till the draft.

Terrence Clarke, a native of Boston, passed away tragically at the age of just 19. The franchise from his hometown was among the ones who offered their tributes on Thursday night. Standing tall at 6 feet 7 inches, Clarke participated in eight matches being a freshman in Kentucky the previous season. He is remembered by the Wildcats and John Calipari, their coach. 

Terrence Clarke According To His Colleagues

According to the words of John Calipari, the coach, Thursday would have been a big night for Terrence Clarke as well. He mentions Clarke and his family never left his thoughts and the shining smile that lit up the dressing room. He states that Terrence was a person who would always urge his teammates to relax, be in the moment and have fun. Calipari says that Terrence Clarke would be looking down and asking his teammates to do the same. 

Teammate Donovan Mitchell regarded Clarke as his brother and missed him thoroughly in the draft. He acknowledged over Twitter the hours of effort and dedication put in by Clarke during the games and him deserving to be on the list. His name was called out in the draft creating an emotional moment for all those present. 

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