Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) EPS Estimate For Q3 2021 Raised By Truist Securiti


The 2021 EPS for Q3 of the shares of Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) gets raised by the investment analysts of Truist Securiti on 15th April, Thursday.

On Monday, the firm started from $187.26 in the stock market with the market cap being $339.93 billion. Their lowest in 1 year is $98.86 while the highest is a sum of $203.02. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 1.32, 1.26, and 0.60, respectively. Their 50 days rolling average is at $190.26 while the 200 day is at a value of $165.05.

According to their 10th February report, the firm posted a quarterly EPS of $0.32, topping the $0.45 consensus estimate by almost $0.77. They had a 4.38% net margin along with a 4.05% equity return. Their revenue was at a value of $16.25 billion, surpassing the $15.84 billion estimate.

DIS Stock Makes a Good Run at the Market

Loop Capital upped their price objective for the shares to $230 from $190 in the stock market. Truist lifted it to $205 from $195 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. Evercore ISI upgraded it to $210 from $200. JPMorgan Chase and Co increased it to $220 from $210 and gave a rating of ‘overweight’. Sanford Bernstein reassigned it a rating of ‘neutral’ and allotted it $124. The firm has the average ‘buy’ recommendation with a $189.59 price objective.

Robert Iger, the Chairman, sold off 12,946 DIS shares at $200.82 EPS worth $24,288,375.72. Insiders sold off 1,363,130 shares worth $250,457,795. Insiders own 0.31% of the stock.

Centric Management lifted their holdings by almost 1.5% on Walt Disney, owning shares priced at $674,000. Novak Planning promoted their stake by roughly 1.3% and own shares priced at $771,000. Advanced Research Solutions raised its position by approximately 50.9%, owning $30,000 worth shares. Regal Group increased its stake by nearly 2.9%, owning shares priced at $360,000. 62.38% DIS stock is owned by institutional investors.

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