American Flag Piece Of The NY Times Sparks Criticism 

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The New York Times, the American media company based in New York City, faced a lot of criticism from so many people owing to the content of their piece that was with regard to the American flag, something that holds great significance in the United States of America. It was stated that the flag stands for an extremely negative idea of “divisiveness.” The incident took place this Saturday.

American Flag Is “Divisive”

In the piece, it was explained that there was no unity that remained in the nation. The title of their piece was also extremely patronizing towards the unity and the integrity of the nation, the values that are considered to be the most sacred for a federation like the United States of America. The title read, “Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite.” The name of the author of the concerned piece is Sarah Maslin Nir. She has mentioned a few quotes from the citizens who started their personal opinion on the American flag.

Her quotes revealed that a few people from the nation no longer hold the American flag to be what it used to be. According to them, the flag has become way too politicized to display it without any hesitation. They even claimed that they give it a proper thought before hoisting them at their business stations or homes. The people stated that they hesitated particularly after the supporters of former President Trump embraced it in a fervent manner.

Critics went on to criticize the piece of Sara Nir all over the social media platform Twitter. They stated that the one who was diving the country was not the American flag but the message that the New York Times post carried. They claimed it to be an extremely pessimistic piece.