George Clooney Has Denied Interest Of Running For Office

George Clooney
George Clooney

While fans of Matthew McConaughey may still be considering the actor for Texas governor, they need to definitely count George Clooney out. In an interview with Andrew Marr from BBC, the Oscar winner ruled out all possibilities of ever running for office someday.

The actor who played the role of a politician in The Ides Of March stated that he would actually love to have a nice life, something that he might be bereft of if he ran for a political office. The husband of Amal Clooney further mentioned that he would like to spend his time doing things that he loved- like playing basketball with his family and friends. 

George Clooney Wants To Spend Life With Family

George Clooney told Marr that he had recently turned 60 this year, which prompted a deep discussion with his wife. Since both of them have been working all the time for as long as they can remember, they want to consider these as the halcyon years.

In two decades, he would be turning 80, and no matter how well he kept himself in shape, 80 was the time when one needed to kick back and enjoy their lives, rather than stressing out over things. If the actor were to run for office, it can be understood that he wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with his family as he wanted to. 

Although George Clooney noted that not working would definitely bore him out after a while, the director of Tender Bar stated he was looking to scale his workload back- stating that he would rather do a single project per year, rather than three. Interestingly, while Clooney has no interest in entering the field personally, he couldn’t resist talking about it. In his interview, he spoke about the impact of Donald Trump as President on the whole country, while defending Joe Biden

Of post-Trump America, George Clooney noted that it was like taking a bullied child to school, and hoping everything would be fine on the first day itself.