Luke Prokop Breaks The Stigma With His Announcement Of Being Gay

Luke Prokop
Luke Prokop

Luke Prokop made a bold announcement on his Instagram handle. He stated that he was gay. This made Prokop the only gay player to have played NHL so far. Praises were heaped on the athlete following his announcement. He was welcomed for breaking the stereotypes of society. Prokop is currently under a contract with the Predators of Nashville. 

Luke Prokop Becomes Part Of History As The Only Gay Player In NHL 

Luke declared his inclination towards his own sex in a post on his Instagram. He stated that it has been a long journey that took him to this point. He also said that he was very happy and proud of himself for taking this decision. Luke Prokop is still in his teens. He has made in name registered in history books. Prokop became the only gay athlete to play the NHL. He is currently enjoying his stint with the Predators. 

Various top-tier female athletes announced to be gay earlier. Names included the famous Meghan Duggan. She won the gold medal in the Olympics. However, she was not officially from the league. Prokop got huge support from all over the world. Congratulatory posts and messages flooded his inbox. His co-workers also expressed their joy. The team stated that they were very proud of the athlete. They vowed to support him through the thick and thins of life. The Nashville players termed the teenager as a fantastic prospect for the future. 

Just before Luke Prokop’s statement, Carl Nassib also declared himself gay. He was the first NFL athlete to be gay. Both of their decisions were well received and were appreciated widely.