Olivia Jade’s “Red Table Talk” Causes A Difference Of Opinions

Olivia Jade
Olivia Jade

Adrienne Norris talked about her true feelings regarding having Olivia Jade On The “Red Table Talk”. Norris appears on the series on Facebook along with her granddaughter, Willow Smith, and her daughter Jada Smith.

Giannulli, who goes by her middle and first names, appeared on Tuesday’s episode. They were discussing the scandal regarding college admissions that caused her parents, Mossimo Giannulli, designer, and Lori Loughlin, actress to go to prison.

Details About Olivia Jade And The cause Of Dislike

Before even Olivia Jade came on the show, Pinkett Smith mentioned how her daughter and mother had different feelings regarding this. Banfield Norris added how she fought it very hard. She found Jade’s choosing of three Black ladies for reaching out because of her story of redemption. She added how it is normal for a white lady to come to a Black lady for support when Black women don’t get the same level of support from them. It truly bothered her. Jade’s being on the show is a representation of the privilege of white people.

Jade’s parents agreed to pay $500,000 for admitting their daughters to Southern California University. This year they pleaded guilty to these conspiracy charges. Jade Smith came on the show to comment about what happened.

According to Norris, the Black people have gone through such violent dehumanization daily, with this pandemic there is huge inequity and inequality prevalent in the system, that Olivia Jade’s issues are nothing compared to this. Jade understood Norris’s point. Norris was glad to hear that there are a desire and interest to learn how to make a big difference in this world.

Jade said that she didn’t appear on this show to win over people and make them like her. She appeared on the show to truly apologize for adding to these inequalities and inequities even though she was not capable of realizing this in the past.