Benjamin Netanyahu Fights To Remain In Power As The Prime Minister Of Israel!

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

This weekend might be the final weekend for Benjamin Netanyahu as the Prime Minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, is still looking to remain in power by fighting and is determined to extend the term of his prime ministership to 12 years. He wants to remain at the helm of Israel. 

Benjamin Netanyahu Accuses Naftali Bennett Of Election Fraud!

Over the last week, Benjamin has accused and alleged Naftali Bennett, the man to replace Netanyahu, to be the one responsible for carrying out the biggest election fraud that has happened in Israel’s history. Benjamin Netanyahu also accused Naftali of establishing the most dangerous government in Israel.

The claims of Netanyahu are very much similar to the baseless claims of former US President Trump after the US election of 2020. On Thursday, the Likud party of Netanyahu managed to soften these election fraud claims slightly. They have not alleged that votes were miscounted or there was systemic fraud happening in the election but tweeted that Naftali has managed to hijack votes to their left side from Netanyahu’s right side, which is very much contradictory to the pledges of his campaign. 

The party termed this move by Naftali Bennett as fraud. In the thread shared by Benjamin Netanyahu on Twitter, the Likud Party has said that the transfer of power will be a very peaceful process. The party has also blamed many unnamed individuals who have, according to the Likud party, twisted and distorted the words of Benjamin Netanyahu. However, it is still unclear whether Netanyahu will be resigning and moving out of the official residence of the President in Jerusalem very peacefully! He has however termed himself as the only Prime Minister to keep his country safe from Lebanon, Gaza, and Iran.