Olivia Rodrigo Is Charting Everywhere

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo

It has been five weeks since Olivia Rodrigo, the American pop star has made the release of her track, “Sour.” And the track has made its return to the top album chart position. The track, Back of My Mind, by H.E.R, the American music sensation, is at number 6 position.

Olivia Rodrigo At The Top

The song, Good 4 U, by Olivia Rodrigo, is currently the top song of the United States of America. Following this, the 18-year-old singer has gained a two-fold dominance. It is on the two charts, Rolling Stone songs, and Rolling Stone album. Her song, Sour, faced a little competition in being the top-charting album. This took place this week. The collection the song made was a total of 104,800 units. The total sales of the song is 22,300 and the number of stress calculated is 119.6. 

On the charts, Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good For You” calculated the total streams of 2.8 million this week. The song to come in the second position was “Butter” by the Grammy-nominated K-pop group, BTS. The number three position was held by the track, “Levitating,” by the British artist, Dua Lipa.

As for now, Olivia Rodrigo has a total of five songs that are charting in the top 20. It includes “Good For U” followed by the track “Deja Vu” that holds the 6th position, “Traitor”, which falls in the 13th position, Happier, which takes the 17th position followed by the 18th track, Favourite Crime. The top song that was debated this week was Da Baby, the recording artist. The name of his track is Ball If I Want To. The other artists who made their premier are Walker Hayes, the American singer, Tyler the Creator, Marshmello, and Jonas Brothers.